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How It Works

1. Set up your Localgiving page

2. Collect donations  online

3. Get Gift Aid - automatically

  • Less administration for your unit
  • Easy to sign up
  • Collect donations and Gift Aid online
  • Regular Match funding opportunities
  • Only document needed to join is a bank statement (no ChV1 form)
  • Fundraiser and appeal pages
  • Friendly support from qualified fundraisers
  • Proven to help units raise money

"Localgiving has been absolutely fantastic... the first year we managed to raise £950"

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How Localgiving can help your unit

Lots of features to help you to fundraise

Only document needed is a bank statement

Less admin

No ChV1 form needed

50% discount: £48 per year

Localgiving processes Gift Aid claims

Get fundraising advice

Friendly support

Easy to sign up

Ask our Help Desk any questions

Donations and Gift Aid paid into your unit's bank account

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Collect donations and Gift Aid online

Attend a webinar to find out more

Phone us on 0300 111 2340 (local rate)

Download reports with all the information you need

Get started within 24 hours

"Localgiving has allowed us to subsidise camp fees and holidays to make them more accessible to our girls. We recently held a cinema night that we were able to make free for our girls in using the money we've raised on Localgiving."

Use fundraising pages to raise money through sponsored challenges

Your unit can use appeal pages to set a target for a specific fundraising aim (like buying new equipment). Get everyone involved in promoting your appeal so that you can reach your fundraising target. See the target bar go up as you get closer to your target.

Collect one time donations and monthly donations made by Direct Debit.  Everyone who pays money to your unit through Localgiving will be given the opportunity to claim Gift Aid. Localgiving process the payment and the Gift Aid claim and pays it into your bank account.

Collect donations and Gift Aid online

Your unit can use Localgiving to fundraise via sponsored challenges. Do you know someone who would run a half marathon to raise money for your unit, or someone who will take on a sponsored silence? They can set up their own page to raise money for your unit for free.

Use appeal pages to raise money for new equipment

Any questions?

Email or call 0300 111 2340